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October 27, 2014

Chrome OS Gets Mirroring Support With AirParrot

Squirrels Launches AirParrot for Chrome; AirParrot Adds Mirroring to Chromebooks

NORTH CANTON, OH--(Marketwired - October 27, 2014) - Previously only available for OS X and Windows, AirParrot for Chrome OS adds desktop mirroring to any Chromebook. AirParrot is the only mirroring solution available for Chromebooks that allows mirroring the entire screen to AirPlay receivers like Apple TV and Reflector.

AirParrot for Chrome OS provides a solution for home, business and education users.

"We're not limiting anyone because the entire desktop is mirrored-not just a tab," Squirrels Chrome developer Matthew Elsey said. "For privacy, you can also mirror a single window."

"We designed AirParrot for Chrome OS to work similarly to desktop counterparts, but we weighed heavily on the feedback from pilot partners," Elsey continued. "The Chrome version can mirror to any receiver that supports AirPlay mirroring."

The Chrome OS launch of AirParrot includes features not yet seen in other versions. Entering a Quick Connect Code or IP address allows users to connect to destinations when networks might not support discovery. Recently connected devices also appear at the top of the receiver list if they are available.

"Of course we've kept traditional discovery, too," Squirrels co-founder Andrew Gould said. Like AirParrot for Mac and Windows, the Chrome OS version can still find devices automatically if networks support discovery.

When a Chrome user begins mirroring, the username will appear with the stream. "Showing the username when connecting eliminates confusion," Elsey said. "It's also a deterrent for users who might want to stream inappropriate content in front of large groups."

Wireless screen mirroring is an advantage for anyone using Chromebooks in large groups. There's no need to move around, find the correct cable and input or locate dongles. Simply select the destination and begin mirroring.

Squirrels is a leader in device-to-device collaboration and sharing. AirParrot for Mac and Windows, along with the company's other products Slingshot and Reflector, have found their way into hundreds of thousands of homes, meeting rooms and classrooms.

"We're excited to join the Chrome community with our products," Gould said. "By expanding our software to a new operating system, we're giving Chrome users the ability to do something they could never do before."

AirParrot for Chrome OS is available in the Chrome Web Store for $9.99 USD. The application can also be purchased in bulk from the Squirrels sales team.


What is AirParrot for Chrome OS?
AirParrot for Chrome OS is software that runs on any Chromebook. The software wirelessly displays the Chromebook screen to a number of destinations.

Where can AirParrot for Chrome OS mirror screens?
AirParrot for Chrome OS was designed to mirror screens to AirPlay mirroring receivers like Apple TV and Reflector. Other hardware devices and software packages may also be able to receive the signal.

How much is AirParrot for Chrome OS, and how is it procured?
AirParrot for Chrome OS is available for $9.99 in the Chrome Web Store. Anyone wishing to purchase the software can search for "AirParrot" in the store and download instantly. AirParrot can also be purchased in bulk through the Squirrels sales team.

Is there a free trial?
A free seven-day trial is available. The trial is tied to a Google user account and will move with the user as he/she logs in to different devices.

Are there any limitations to AirParrot for Chrome OS?
The Chrome OS version of AirParrot closely mirrors the Mac and Windows counterparts. However, there are some drawbacks. AirParrot for Chrome OS does not currently support audio. Users may also see slightly slower performance from mirroring streams. Video performance issues are caused by the slower hardware generally found within Chromebooks.

Are there any new features not yet seen in AirParrot for Chrome OS?
Yes! AirParrot for Chrome OS is the first version of AirParrot to support Quick Connect Codes. These Codes allow users to easily connect to a destination when networks might not support device discovery. Users can also connect by IP address. The new version also keeps track of recently connected devices for easier connection in the future.

Is AirParrot for Chrome OS available for bulk purchase?
Yes. AirParrot for Chrome OS can be purchased in bulk. Purchases are made directly through the Squirrels sales team. The software is deployed via the Chrome Management Console and licenses are deployed to users by Squirrels. Bulk pricing information can be found at http://www.airsquirrels.com/airparrot/pricing/.


Squirrels is a software development company specializing in wireless audio and video transmission. More information about these products and Squirrels LLC can be found at http://airsquirrels.com.


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