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June 01, 2016

New Ditto Service Brings Smart Screen Sharing to the Workplace

Ditto auto-connects users to conference room TVs and digital projectors

NORTH CANTON, Ohio – June 1, 2016 – Ditto is a new screen-sharing service that instantly connects computers to conference room TVs and projectors without wires, software installations or end-user configuration.

Developed by Squirrels LLC, the makers of AirParrot and Reflector, Ditto is designed for any meeting space where employees, guests or speakers need to share their computer screens to Apple TV- and Chromecast-connected displays.

“A long-standing business need is the ability for anyone to be able to walk into a conference room and push a ‘button’ to begin mirroring a device screen to the big display,” Squirrels co-founder Andrew Gould said. “Ditto checks that item off the list.”

How it works
Ditto assigns a unique code to each meeting space with an Apple TV or Chromecast. When a meeting or presentation begins, anyone in the room can automatically share their Mac or PC screen to the big screen simply by entering the easily readable Ditto room code at connect.goditto.com.

Users can choose to share their entire computer display or just a specific app instead. When finished, the user simply closes Ditto and leaves the room.

Ditto is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that serves unlimited users at a cost of $149.99 per year per receiver. This is more cost-effective than purchasing individual employee software licenses and hundreds to thousands of dollars less than alternative hardware screen-sharing solutions.

Following a one-time pre-configuration, Ditto is ready for employees, guests or speakers. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can mirror content in real-time from their computer to the big screen with Ditto.

Configuration is easy. An IT or tech associate can run the setup assistant application or visit the Ditto web portal to add a new conference room to the system. The initial setup process takes only minutes.

Security is the most important part of any cloud-based service. Ditto uses a number of measures to ensure user data and screen transmission is secure.


  • Does not store credit card data
  • Does not store or track end-user information
  • Encrypts confidential user data before storing
  • Efficiently communicates with Ditto servers to minimize transmitted data
  • Communicates with servers via industry-standard SSL technology
  • Screen sharing is a point-to-point process — screen data never crosses the internet
  • Users can only share screens to their specified room
  • Offers self-hosting for preconfigured end-user mirroring applications

For more information, visit http://www.goditto.com/ or contact press@airsquirrels.com.


Tom Crilley
Squirrels LLC
O: 855-207-0927 x7011

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