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August 31, 2017

Squirrels LLC Gives Teachers Ability to Personalize Student Device Management

NORTH CANTON, Ohio – August 31, 2017 – ClassHub, a student device management solution by Squirrels LLC, now enables hyper-focused mobile device management (MDM) not offered by other MDM solutions.

The new Configurations feature allows school IT administrators to quickly set up restrictions, permissions, bookmarks, custom app-notification settings, printers, Wi-Fi settings and more for student devices in individual classes or entire schools.

Teacher Configurations
Squirrels cofounder Andrew Gould said ClassHub Configurations makes device management settings reflective of individual teacher preferences rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach like other MDM solutions.

“Imagine Mrs. Smith never uses YouTube for instruction and doesn’t want students to have access to it,” Gould said. “But Mr. Lindon frequently uses YouTube and encourages students to use it. ClassHub easily resolves this scenario. It lets administrators create Configurations that address the unique needs of various teachers and classes in different times and places.”

Gould noted that what makes ClassHub Configurations unique from other MDMs is its scalability and customizability.

“Administrators have more than just Mrs. Smith and Mr. Lindon to accommodate,” he said. “Every teacher in the school or district may request a different device management setup for their classes. ClassHub makes that seemingly impossible task efficient and manageable. This is one MDM solution that bends to the will of the educators.”

Simply put: ClassHub Configurations represents the fastest and easiest way for administrators to implement teacher requests for restrictions, permissions or any other configuration type on specific classes or devices.

Configurations when and where teachers need them
Some current MDM solutions offer time-based device management settings, but these are difficult to scale and ineffective in certain circumstances, such as when schedules change during testing periods.

ClassHub allows administrators to choose when a Configuration is active. A Configuration can be:

  • Always active
  • Active during specific hours/days
  • Active while class is active
  • Active while school is open

“If the administrator selects ‘while class is active’ for Mr. Lindon’s third period biology class Configuration, that Configuration automatically applies when Mr. Lindon begins that class using the ClassHub Class Manager,” Gould said. “The configurations assigned to Mr. Lindon’s third period students’ devices end when class ends, allowing the appropriate configurations for the students’ following classes to apply.”

School-wide Configurations
Gould noted that administrators can also apply ClassHub Configurations at the school level.

“If a middle school student visited the high school for an accelerated class, the high school’s Wi-Fi settings could automatically apply to the student’s device without any action required by the student,” he said.

For more information, visit www.classhub.com or contact Squirrels Director of Communications Tom Crilley at press@airsquirrels.com.

About ClassHub
ClassHub is a classroom operations and device management solution for teachers and IT administrators. The ClassHub Class Manager allows teachers to monitor student screens, push content and messages to student devices, lock student device screens, initiate screen mirroring and more. The ClassHub administrator portal provides school and district IT administrators with a wide range of mobile device management (MDM) options. Discover more at www.classhub.com

About Squirrels LLC
Squirrels LLC makes wireless screen-mirroring and device-monitoring software used in over 100,000 classrooms. Its solutions range from cost-effective mirroring apps to advanced classroom operations software. Educators and administrators use Squirrels technology to wirelessly view, manage and display classroom iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices, Surface Pros, Macs and Windows devices. Squirrels products include Reflector 2, ClassHub, Ditto and AirParrot 2. More information can be found at http://airsquirrels.com.


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