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March 13, 2019

Squirrels LLC Names Andrew Gould New CEO; Announces Split from Squirrels Research Labs

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — March 13, 2019 — Squirrels LLC today announced that COO and co-founder Andrew Gould will assume the role of CEO as former president and co-founder David Stanfill becomes CEO of high-performance computing company Squirrels Research Labs (SQRL).

Squirrels LLC and SQRL, once sister companies, have separated operations in conjunction with the leadership change. The two companies shared resources and leadership since SQRL’s formation in August 2018.

“Squirrels and SQRL are at two very different stages,” Gould said. “They each require unique growth and operational strategies. We’re confident this realignment will ensure their continued success. David will be focused on early stage development and research at SQRL while I handle the diverse needs of the larger team at Squirrels.”

Stanfill, who has been at the helm of Squirrels LLC since its inception in 2008, will remain involved with the company as advisory CTO.

‘It became apparent in recent months that this move was necessary,” Stanfill said. “The increasing demands of running and growing SQRL require a full-time effort. While I will no longer lead the day-to-day operations of Squirrels, I will continue to participate in high-level strategy decisions and advise on technical architecture and product planning for the company.”

Additional Squirrels LLC leadership changes accompany the realignment. Director of sales operations and business intelligence Jessica Gritzan has been named COO. CMO Sidney Keith will oversee the creative department in addition to his current role.

About Squirrels LLC
Squirrels is a technology company that specializes primarily in wireless audio and video transmission software. Its popular products include AirParrot, Reflector, ClassHub and Ditto. More information about these products and Squirrels can be found at https://airsquirrels.com.

About Squirrels Research Labs
Squirrels Research Labs, or SQRL, specializes in the development of high-performance computing and blockchain hardware technology. More about Squirrels Research Labs can be found at https://squirrelsresearch.com.


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